How to disable agent DNS Lookup?
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How to disable agent DNS Lookup?


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CA Application Performance Management Agent (APM / Wily / Introscope) INTROSCOPE


The Introscope agent DNS lookup feature is related to getting host names where there are socket connections to remote, or indeed even the local system. By default, Introscope Agent has 2 DNS lookup implementations - direct and separateThread, which is specified through the introscope.agent.dns.lookup.type property in the IntroscopeAgent.profile.


  • direct performs DNS lookups in application thread. Application thread will be delayed by length of time the underlying DNS mechanism takes to perform a specific lookup.
  • separateThread performs DNS lookups in a separate thread. The application thread is delayed at most by milliseconds. When using separateThread implementation, if lookup of host name by IP address times out, IP address will be returned in place of name and if lookup of IP address by host name times out, empty IP address will be returned. 
  • Default DNS lookup implementation is separateThread

In certain implementation scenarios, agent DNS Lookup is not required, hence one would like to have it disabled to avoid unnecessary overhead.


CA Application Performance Management (APM) 10.x


To disable DNS lookup, please set the value of the introscope.agent.dns.lookup.type property to disabled, in the IntroscopeAgent.profile.

For example:


You must restart the managed application before change to this property takes effect.

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