Impossible to save or deploy or import Uproc
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Impossible to save or deploy or import Uproc


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


In rare cases it becomes impossible to save a Uproc after modification or to deploy or import it. This is linked to the fact that there is an inconsistency in the Uproc type. 

Although the source of the inconsistency is unclear it is possible to recognize the problem by exporting the Uproc with uniexp and reading its content.

The Uproc actual type may be CL_EXT (<type>CL_EXT</type>) but the Uproc not only contains the section related to CL_EXT
<externalScript id="xx">

...but also a section related to another type, for instance

<sapXbp2 id="xx">

This issue has been observed for Uproc type CL_EXT that contain section related to SAP_XBP2 or FTP.


Release: ADUASU99000-6.8-Automic Dollar Universe-AS - UNIX



Use the command line to force the Uproc type and therefore remove the unwanted section.

For instance the command to force the type to CL_EXT :
uxupd UPR UPR=<uproc_name> GENINF UPT=CL_EXT

No fix