Actual Cost rounding to 2 decimals in Cost Plan TSV even if display is set to 5 decimals in PPM


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Actual Cost on the cost plan in the Time Scale Value (TSV) section show the values rounded off to 2 places of decimal (despite the number of decimals selected for display being 5) in CA Project & Portfolio Management (PPM). So, if the actual cost is 1012.34565, the cost plan shows the value as 1012.35000. This issue is observed whether transactions are created via XOG or created via a Manual Transaction.

Steps to Reproduce: 
1.    In PPM go to Administration->Finance->Processing

2.    Uncheck ‘Apply currency precision for rate/cost’ if it is checked

3.    Click 'Save'

4.    In Classic UI, create a new project with the following populated on the Settings subpage:

  • Financial Status: Open
  • Department: Select a Department
  • Location: Select a Location

5.    Add one resource added to the project team

6.    Create a task on the project, and assign the resource to the task

7.    Create a cost plan on the project

  • Go to the ‘Financial Plans’ tab and click 'New Manual Plan'
  • Enter the required information and click Save
  • Click on ‘Detail’ tab
  • Click the ‘Add’ button
  • Populate the required information and click ‘Save and Return’
  • From the Cost Plan Detail Actions drop down select ‘Populate from Task Assignments’ to populate Cost

8.    Create a Manual Transaction for the project

  • Go to Home->Financial Management->Transaction Entry
  • Click New, enter an ‘Entry Number’ and click ‘Save’
  • Click ‘New’ again and populate the Transaction Details
    • Investment ID: ID of the project created in step 4
    • Resource ID: ID of resource added to the project in step 5 (Make sure the resource is Financially active)
    • Quantity: 1
    • Cost: 1012.34565
    • Rate: 1
    • Click ‘Save and Return’

9.    Run the Post Transactions to Financial Job

10.    Run the Post to WIP job (Note, if the transaction is in the future, make sure to enter a ‘To Date’ in the date range that covers the transaction period) 

11.    Go back to the Project’s Cost Plan Detail view

12.    Modify the Time Scale Value Decimal Settings:

  • Click the Options icon on the right hand side, then Configure
  • From the ‘List Column Section’ drop down, select Fields
  • Click the Properties icon for the ‘Amounts By Period’ field
  • Select ‘5’ from the ‘Decimal Places’ drop down and click 'Save and Return'

13.    View the Actual Cost in the TSV for the month the transaction was posted for

Expected Results: Actual cost displays with the 5 decimal values entered in the transaction (in this example: 1012.34565)
Actual Results: The last 3 decimals for the Actual cost are 000, and the actual cost is rounded to the second decimal (in this example: 1012.35000)
Note: The issue does not happen for the Cost field in the TSV, if you enter a cost with 5 decimals in the TSV, it displays as expected with the 5 decimal values. 


This issue is caused by DE44169.


Release: CODFSS99000-15.4.1-PPM SAAS FedRAMP-Sandbox-Small Environment


After careful review, it has been determined this issue will not be fixed. This also matches the behavior in the Modern UI / New User Experience (UX), as there are currently no plans to bring over the 5 decimal option. Note: On the back end, the full decimal precision is preserved, this issue just impacts the display in the application. 

Workaround: None

Additional Information

For details on the Apply Currency Precision setting mentioned in Step 2, see KB000027081