Unable to Bring up DevTest 10.3.0 Registry on Linux


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As part of LISA upgrade from 9.1 to 10.2,  have installed 10.2.4 software over linux box and trying to bring up registryservice but unfortunately registryservice immediately goes down, This happens when trying to connect 10.2.4 with external database.


Have 3 Linux machines, two are running DevTest 9.1.0, one is going to be a DevTest 10.2.4 sandbox. The DevTest 10.3.0 installed on a sandbox was installed connecting to an existing Enterprise Dashboard on another machine, but this is running 9.1.0. Hence the error.


Component: ITKOTF


Reinstall DevTest 10.2.4 on the sandbox machine connecting to a new Enterprise Dashboard, will need the license file. Have currently only ever connected the Dashboard to Derby, but recommend going to an external database. Once DevTest is re-installed, configure the DevTest 10.2.4 site.properties file to connect to the new schema on Oracle. For now will have to go to a new schema on Oracle to test on the sandbox machine, but when the upgrade is done on the other two 9.1.0 machines, will be using the existing 9.1.0 database and it will be updated to then be used with DevTest 10.2.4.