UIM Infrastructure Manager console fails to login


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NIMSOFT PROBES DX Infrastructure Management


When trying to use the IM Manager console, login fails with the message "unable to locate specified domain". 


The IM manager is unable to communicate with the hub. 


The UIM server Primary Hub is installed on a Linux system. 


For communication from the system running the IM Manager console to the system running the hub ports 48000 to 48020 need to be open.

Second case:
If the secure bus version of hub was deployed by mistake. 
In this case, use Admin Console to deploy the non secure bus version of hub and robot. 

For Linux hubs using secure bus the IM manager will not be able to login and a Windows hub must be setup with the IM manager, log in with

Additional Information

Since the hub is running on a Linux system, the IM Manager must be installed and run from a Windows system. 

The IM Manager log is located at:

Jul 31 16:31:12:747 [0956] Infrastructure Manager: nimSessionNew - _probeCheckin failed - communication error 
Jul 31 16:31:22:749 [0956] Infrastructure Manager: Warning - Request (gethub) has timed out (timeout interval: 10 sec) 
Jul 31 16:31:22:750 [0956] Infrastructure Manager: gethub - x.x.x.x - communication error 
Jul 31 16:31:24:858 [0956] Infrastructure Manager: Warning - Login failed for hub: x.x.x.x (Cannot locate specified domain) 

After increasing the timeout additional info was in the log. 
To increase the timeout open regedit.exe and go to:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Nimbus Software\NimBUS Manager\Options
set RequestTimeout & RequestTimeoutCfg both to 60 

now log has:
Infrastructure Manager: sockConnect - connect to ::1 48000
Infrastructure Manager: nimRequest: SessionConnect failed ::1 48000
Infrastructure Manager: nimSessionNew - _probeCheckin failed - communication error

From the system running the IM Manager console used telnet to test the connection and it failed
telnet <hub IP address> 48000

To add telnet go to Control Panel > Programs > at the top left click Turn Windows features on or off > check the box for telnet > click OK

Second case:
Apr 20 11:33:47:076 [1860] Infrastructure Manager: nimSessionNew - _probeCheckin failed - communication error
Apr 20 11:33:47:077 [1860] Infrastructure Manager: get_info hubname=xxxx domain=xxxxx version=9.30S [Build 9.30S.311, Mar 10 2020]