PIM How-To: Modify "My Privileged Accounts" page search limit
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PIM How-To: Modify "My Privileged Accounts" page search limit


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CA Virtual Privilege Manager CA Privileged Identity Management Endpoint (PIM)


When performing searches in the My Privileged Accounts page in the Privileged Identity Manager (PIM) Enterprise Management (ENTM) Console the default limit of results is 100 accounts. In some cases this may be too many or not enough results. 


Any PIM version


You can modify the maximum search result limit for the My Privileged Accounts page from the IDMManage interface on PIM:
  1. Enable the idmmanage interface: Instructions
  2. Access the idmamanage interface: Instructions
  3. Navigate to: Environments > ac-env (default, or your custom dir) > Advanced Settings > Miscellaneous
  4. Modify the value for the "MyAccountsSearchSizeLimit" property to meet your searching needs
  5. Click Save at the bottom-right of the page
  6. A warning message appears at the top of the screen "Changes have been made that require a restart of the environment to take effect.", click the Restart button next to this message.
  7. Disable the idmmanage interface, but leave JBoss shut down at the end (it needs to be down in step 8 also): Instructions
  8. Clear the JBoss Cache folders to ensure the original settings are cleared out: Instructions

Additional Information

Making this limit too high can cause performance problems, especially during user login where this search happens automatically by default. The doc below has more information on this including how to disable the automatic search at login time: