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CABI Dashboards will not load in UMP


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Cannot access any cabi reports from the UMP portal.  The report stays in a loading state (spinning arrow).

The following is recorded in the wasp.log on the UMP robot:

From the wasp.log
Jul 30 17:05:27:455 ERROR [http-bio-80-exec-13, org.apache.catalina.core.ContainerBase.[wasp-engine].[localhost].[/cabijs].[default]] invoke() Servlet.service() for servlet [default] in context with path [/cabijs] threw exception


UIM / UMP 8.51
cabi 3.20 (bundled)


Suspect that the wrong version of the ump_cabi probe was deployed on the UMP robot.


1. Deactivate the wasp probe on the UMP robot
2. Deploy the 3.20 ump_cabi probe to the UMP robot
3. Delete the <installPath>\Nimsoft\probes\service\wasp\work and C:\Windows\temp\liferay directories from the UMP robot. These are temporary directories that may have bad data cached in them. They will be rebuilt when the wasp probe is activated again.
4. Delete the <installPath>\Nimsoft\probes\service\wasp\webapps\cabi directory from the UMP robot. This will be rebuilt when the wasp probe is restarted - again, deleting in case there is bad data cached here.
6. Activate the wasp probe on the UMP robot
7. Clear the browser cache from the beginning of time, then when the wasp probe has a PID and a port, login to the UMP portal.  The cabi dashboards should be available.