CA Spectrum Archive Manager crash and performance issues
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CA Spectrum Archive Manager crash and performance issues


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CA Spectrum


When running CA Spectrum 10.2.2 or 10.2.3 users may notice that the Archive Manager (ArchMgr) process has crashed.  Also, users may see that mysql consumes 100% cpu, and there are delays when displaying events in the Events tab of OneClick.


Release: 10.2
Component: SPCAEM


ArchMgr and mysql inefficiencies were causing the issues.


This is resolved in CA Spectrum release 10.3 and above with changes to Archive Manager and mysql. 

For CA Spectrum release 10.2.2, CA has released debug patch Spectrum_10.02.02.D403.  This MUST be installed on top of Spectrum_10.02.02.BMP_10.2.202 as there is functionality in the Spectrum_10.02.02.BMP_10.2.201 that D403 needs.  The release notes show:

Symptom: Arch Mgr was crashing when sql  server connection gets lost. 
    Resolution: Added few checks to prevent the crash.
    (DE367814, 01105510)

For CA Spectrum release 10.2.1, CA has released Spectrum_10.02.01.D336a. The release notes show:

    SAP Archive Manager high memory
    (DE298961, 00766236 )

If you need these patches, please open a case with CA Support and request them.