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Pre-Processing rules are not working in Production


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Preprocessing rules to change (lower) message severity for the oracle probe are working in the development environment but the rules are not working as expected in Production.


- UIM 8.5.1 SP1
- nas v8.56 HF3
- oracle v5.30


- Other scripts interfering with preprocessing rules/order


1. To lower the message severity from major to warning for the check_dbalive checkpoint:

check_dbalive_2 (for the database check failure)

default message format is: Profile $profile, instance $instance, cannot connect to database: ($errmsg)

The best practice for changing message severity is at the source.

This can be modified in the oracle probe package and distributed to lower the severity of the message from major to warning. To do so, you can follow the steps below:

a. Drag and drop the oracle probe to the local archive
b. Click Rename and give it a new name, e.g., oracle_check_dbalive_lower_sev
c. Click ok
d. Double click the new oracle configuration package to open it
e. Select the file oracle_monitor.cfx and choose 'Save file as...' and save it to the desktop
f. Replace the contents with this new content below.

Note that each section's 'starting' tag needs the key word “overwrite” otherwise it will not take effect.

----------  cut here   ----------

<checkpoints> edit
   <check_dbalive> edit
      active = yes
      description = Monitors connectivity to the database instance
      type = 1
      qos = yes
      alarm = yes
      qos_list = yes
      clear_msg = check_dbalive_1
      clear_sev = clear
      scheduling = rules
      condition = !=
      column = status
      samples = 1
      msg_variables = $check.x;$profile.x;$instance.x;$errmsg.x;$status.n;
      interval = 30 sec
      use_exclude = no
      query_offset =
      <qos_lists> edit
         <0> overwrite
            qos_name = check_dbalive
            qos_desc = Oracle Database Availability
            qos_unit = Availability
            qos_abbr = Avail.
            qos_max = 1
            qos_value = status
            qos_key =
      <thresholds> edit
         <default> edit
            <0> edit
               value = 1
               msg = check_dbalive_2
               sev = warning
----------  cut here   ----------

g. Then click File->Save
h. Navigate back to your oracle package Files Tab and rt-click to delete the oracle_monitor.cfx (Remove File)
i. Then rt-click and choose 'Add File'
j. Browse to the desktop and add the new oracle_monitor.cfx
k. Click Ok, then Click Ok again.
l. Drag and drop your new configuration package to an instance of the oracle probe
m. Double click the oracle probe to open it and then double-click the profiles Tab, and double-click the check_dbalive checkpoint to make sure the message severity is set to warning as the default (under Thresholds/Schedules).

<Please see attached file for image>

oracle probe message severity change

You can then distribute the package to other/all oracle probe instances where you need to change the check_dbalive message severity.

2. For this oracle error message:

oracle: Profile: test connection, Oracle error! Status: -1, - ORA-01017: invalid username/password; logon denied

This particular message appears to be hard-coded and you cannot change the severity of that message within the probe itself.

An enhancement would be required to do so within the probe.


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