TDM Portal API: TDMDataFlowService (Data Flow Controller) usage?


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


There may be a need to call existing data generation Self-Services via Portal API from scripts / programmatically. Some Self-Services calls can be accomplished with https://{{URL}}:{{Port}}/TDMJobService/api/ca/v1/jobs, but this TDMDataFlowService (Data Flow Controller) service is different. Information on this s not available, although  this is used by ARD form/flow through Self-Service.

Questions concerning TDM Portal API: TDMDataFlowService (Data Flow Controller)
  • Are there any other documents about this, beyond what  is available in Swagger?
  • How Portal use this, is this something which is designed also for external usage through API?
  • Can this be used for launching Self-Services externally (scripts / programmatically)?
    • https://localhost:8443/TDMDataFlowService/swagger-ui.html#!/data45flow45controller/submitDataFlowRequestUsingPOST
    • See attached document 'TDM Portal API - TDMDataFlowService (Data Flow Controller) usage.docx ' for details. 


TDM 4.5 Portal/API


No other information about TDMDataFlowService at CA is available except what is described in this Swagger link:(https://localhost:8443/TDMDataFlowService/swagger-ui.html#!/data45flow45controller/submitDataFlowRequestUsingPOST).
The only way to understand how this service works is the following:
  • Get it working in the TDM Portal.
  • Use Chrome browser with its Developer Tools to debug and inspect elements (Ctrl + Shift + J, Ctrl + Shift + C, F12, etc.) when a Self-Service is launched from TDM Portal.
  • Capture the output from the Developer Tools.
  • Use the captured output to flesh out the parameters needed.  

This is how to prototype API JSON calls.
  • Get it working in the Portal first.
  • Then follow the steps above to capture the JSON.
  • Then modify or parameterize it to meet the needs of the situation.

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