Service Desk Manager STDLOGs rollover before reaching default size of 3MB


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In an Advanced Availability configuration of SDM,  the Background (BG) server's STDLOG files get rolled over to new files before reaching their default file size limit of 3MB.

The first line of each STDLOG has an entry like this before the rest of the file gets populated:

BGHostname rep_daemon ==========> Was unable to write the last 3 messages. Last reason was: Permission denied (13)


Service Desk Manager in an Advanced Availability (AA) configuration
SDM Repositories were configured using UNC credentials
All Supported Operating Systems


1.  Ensure the UNC credential information provided on each SDM Repository is a valid account on the UNC server hosting the repository file share. This cannot be a local Windows user, but a Domain user.
2.  Explicitly add Full Security Permissions to the above user to the NX_ROOT/log and NX_ROOT/bopcfg/CATALINA_BASE/temp folders so that the user is able to add/delete/modify files in these two folders.

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