How to configure Spectrum to integrate with LDAP
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How to configure Spectrum to integrate with LDAP


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CA Spectrum DX NetOps


CA Spectrum is capable of integrating with Microsoft LDAP and users can log in through Active Directory.


Version: All Supported Releases

Component: SPCOCK - Spectrum OneClick


Specify CA Spectrum LDAP Settings

You can specify the CA Spectrum LDAP settings on the OneClick home page. As a CA Spectrum administrator, you can specify the appropriate values in the LDAP server settings section.

Follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the OneClick start page as a CA Spectrum administrator.
  2. Select Administration, LDAP Configuration.
  3. Fill in the appropriate values in the 'LDAP Server Settings' section.
  4. Configure the 'Save LDAP passwords to CA Spectrum database' section as needed.
  5. Open the Spectrum control panel and create a username that exists on your Active Directory.

       6. Configure the 'User by Pattern' section as appropriate to your LDAP configuration.

       "CN={0},OU=Users,OU=Organi Unit,DC=YourDomainController,DC=com" Without "
       7. Enter a username and password and select Test.

       8. If you were able to authenticate with the LDAP server, select Save.
       9.  Users will now be able to login with their LDAP accounts (a local account per user still needs to be defined within spectrum but the user can authenticate using their AD password)

Additional Information

  • Please reference the "LDAP Configuration Page" section of the documentation for more information.
  • Please reference the following Article for more information on how to integrate using LDAPS

How to configure Spectrum to authenticate with Secure LDAP (LADPS)