SOI Alarm Enrichment for 2 variables
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SOI Alarm Enrichment for 2 variables


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CA Service Operations Insight (SOI)


Procedure to create & deploy an Event Enrichment Policy that takes Alert Message as an argument and extract 2 values from this Message and assign these 2 values to UserAttributes like UserAttribute9 & UserAttribute10

Dear Team, I need an assistance regarding the alarm enrichment issue which I am facing currently. Actually I am trying to pass 2 variable as arguments in a single policy so that I can set it to 2 custom user attributes. However it looks like for single variable it works fine. For the 2nd one it is not printing the value instead it is appended with attrribute1. Please refer this community link for reference.


SOI 4.0 & 4.2


The output has to be a paired list, separated by comma, hence we need to use below syntax
     WScript.Echo "clientserver,",client,",errorcode,",error1

Note: The value of "client" will be passed to "clientserver" and "error1" variable value to "errorcode"

Here is the step by step instructions...

Here is the VB Script code

Update below line in "\SOI\jsw\conf\SAM-IntegrationServices.conf"


Note: The sequence number “10” may be different, please check the last number and then increase by 1 
           Restart "CA SAM Integration Services" after above change

Now, the enrichment policy will extract required 2 values and assign them to UserAttribute9 & UserAttribute10


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