Unable to login to Workload Automation AE


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CA Workload Automation AE - Business Agents (AutoSys) CA Workload Automation AE - Scheduler (AutoSys) CA Workload Automation Agent


WCC login failed with the following error " E150010: Login failed. The EEM is down"


CA directory  was not starting up.

The itecpoz_trace.log and itechpoz_alarm.log has only the following entries

* [164] 20180731.180148.140 DSA_E1280 Error in initialization files
* [164] 20180731.180148.140 DSA_I1240 DSA shutting down

The itechpoz_warn log has the following entries
[144] 20180731.175120.983 WARN : max-local-ops has no effect
[144] 20180731.175120.983 WARN : max-dsp-ops has no effect
[144] 20180731.175121.170 WARN : Loading cache
[144] 20180731.175121.202 WARN : TX read error: loc larger than file
[144] 20180731.175121.202 WARN : Disabling cache prior to exit


Workload Automation AE 11.3.6 SP7
WCC 11.4 SP6
EEM version:
DXserver Version=dxserver 12.0.18 (build 12081) Windows_NT 64-Bit
Windows 2012 server


The error " TX read error: loc larger than file" is referring to the file itechpoz.tx

Manually delete the file itechpoz.tx  under the following location.

"\Program Files(x86)\CA\SC\Directory\dxserver\data\itechpoz\"

Then restart the CA Directory and  CA iTechnology iGateway services.