[AWA] An example of monitor jobs delay in start time
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[AWA] An example of monitor jobs delay in start time


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


Is there any option to monitor delay in start time of jobs in AWA?

For example: if I have a job scheduled to run at 10 AM and if the job is not started in specified time interval, say within 15 mins of scheduled start time, an alert should be triggered. Currently we have this feature within SAP and trying to find an option in Automic to enable similar monitoring for jobs scheduled through Automic. 


Component: AAUTEN


Currently we don't have any single object or function that can cover your suggested outcome. I would like to suggest you another way to perform the alarm: - You can try to add a postconditions to your Jobs in a workflow which will check time since activation with an execute object to trigger a notification alarm object to fire an alarm to user if time exceeded.

Please kindly check this image for an example: