How to add the Tomcat Service to the Service Manager Dialog for AWA
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How to add the Tomcat Service to the Service Manager Dialog for AWA


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


What settings need to be configured in the Service Manager Dialog for Automic Workload Automation to manage the Tomcat service?


Release: AUTRLB99000-12.0-Continuous Delivery Automation-Base Edition


The service manager dialog can be configured to start and stop the tomcat service by adding the service to the service manager dialog. The information below can change based on where the Tomcat installation is installed on the web server so adjust the directory path accordingly for the directories provided in the example:

1) Open the Service Manager Dialog
2) Right-click any service and select "Duplicate" (a new service is created with the title "Copy of ...."
3) Right-click the new service and select "Rename" to give it an appropriate name such as "Tomcat"
4) Right-click the "Tomcat" service you just renamed and select "Properties"
5) The "Command" field should point to the tomcat bin directory and issue the start.bat and the stop.bat commands. Please find an example command below:

C:\Automic\Automation.Platform\ServiceManager\bin\..\..\..\External.Resources\apache-tomcat-7.0.81\bin\launcher.exe "start.bat > ..\logs\console.log 2<&1" "stop.bat"

** Ensure the Tomcat\bin directory is corrected from the example. For example, if the tomcat directory is located in C:\Apache\Tomcat, then the "Command" field to should be adjusted to:

C:\Apache\Tomcat\bin\launcher.exe "start.bat > ..\logs\console.log 2<&1" "stop.bat"

6) The "Startpath" field should point to the tomcat bin without issuing commands. So for the example above the "Startpath" would be:


7) Ensure the "Start automatically when the system starts" is checked ON so tomcat will automatically be started if the computer is restarted.