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Error: "Unable to communicate to the PPM server" when gel scripts are running


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You receive the following error in the PPM interface when using the application:

"Unable to communicate to the PPM Server. Please try again and if problem persists contact your system administrator"

In this scenario when this error pops up on the UI, the following error occurs in the bg-ca.log file:

"Custom script execution pool-5-thread-8] utils.Utils  ----> The exception trace is too big to be attached to the process error message. Only a truncated exception trace will be attached to the process error message"


There can be multiple reasons for this error occurring, but one of them is related to Gel Scripts running when this error is received.


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The popup error in the UI usually goes away and does not cause any other issues, but it may be wise to run these scripts during off-hours when there is less user-load on the system.

Additional Information

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