How to enable debug tracing for the SCHED_DECNET component of CA Job Management for OpenVMS
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How to enable debug tracing for the SCHED_DECNET component of CA Job Management for OpenVMS


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When network connectivity issues arise, tracing facilities provide valuable information about the data exchange between hosts, thus assisting with troubleshooting efforts. This article describes how to enable the network tracing facility within the SCHED_DECNET component of CA Job Management for OpenVMS.

The SCHED_DECNET component is used to execute Job Management functions on a remote host that is running CA Job Management for OpenVMS. Job Management functions include such operations as remote dependency checks and DCL commands using the SCHEDULE verb with the /SERVER=<remote-host-name> qualifier. As the name implies, the component uses the DECnet network stack to communicate between the local and remote hosts utilizing DECnet task-to-task communication.

The SCHED_DECNET component is configured as a session control application on systems running DECnet Plus, and as a network object on systems running DECnet Phase IV; however, the internal protocol is identical regardless of which version of the DECnet stack is used. Consequently, both the message exchange and debug tracing are the same.


OpenVMS Alpha - all versionsOpenVMS I64 - all versions


1. Login to the remote host using credentials that provide access to the file named SCHED_DECNET.COM located in SYS$SYSTEM.

2. While logged into the remote host, edit the file named SYS$SYSTEM:SCHED_DECNET.COM, go to the bottom of the file, and make the edit shown below:

$ define  nsched$wan_debug  true       <---- add this line immediately above the following lines 
$ run nsched$:sched_decnet.exe;
$ exit '$status

3. Save the modifications and exit the editor.

Note: Disable tracing by either removing the line added to the file in step 2, or by deleting the version of the file that contains it.

Additional Information

The changes made to SCHED_DECNET.COM will affect all new incoming connections, therefore it is not necessary to restart CA Job Management for OpenVMS.

Once tracing is enabled within the SCHED_DECNET component, tracing information is written to the network server log which is named NETSERVER.LOG on DECnet Phase IV hosts, and NET$SERVER.LOG on DECnet Plus hosts. Regardless of which DECnet stack is used, the log file is typically stored in the remote users login directory on the remote host.  For example, if the SYSTEM user account is used to execute SCHEDULE commands using the /SERVER qualifier, the log file will usually be located in SYS$MANAGER on the remote host.  For remote dependency checks, the log file is also usually located in SYS$MANAGER on the remote host since the NSCHED server process runs under the SYSTEM user account.

Be aware of proxy records on the remote host that result in proxy logins to a different user on that host as that will affect the location of the log file; use the OpenVMS AUTHORIZE utility to view proxy records configured on the remote host.