Why IDB2 Hierarchical Probe requests Paused?
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Why IDB2 Hierarchical Probe requests Paused?


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While running the hierarchical probe requests, the following message: DBG04005I DB2T 11:01:45 PAUSE SUCCESSFUL FOR REQUEST HPRSTLST. There are same message for other requests. what is getting filled up?. How to run the probe to completion?


Component: CIDB


Assuming the PAUSE has nothing to do with the TIME AND DURATION, this what needs to be done to keep the traces running longer.

1-Increase the NEVENTS value and specifying NOWRAP=NO in the HPRSTDTL, HPRSTLST and HPRSTSML requests in highlevel.CDBATREQ library. The max value for NEVENTS is 65535. The changes to the above requests will require you to
increase the address space region size for the Data Collector to all for the increase storage usage.
2-Issue the SHOW display in DIAGNOSTIC mode to see how much storage each started request is using.
Also, if the probe is paused due to time or records, there should be the DBGPRINT telling why the requests were paused.