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UMP server, Control Panel light bulb and blue question mark icon repeat itself


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


In the UMP Server, control panel there appears to be an anomaly with a few of our servers where the light bulb and blue question mark icons repeat across the screen. Clearing  browser cache does not help resolve issue.


UIM 8.5.1
Chrome, IE Firefox  Browser 
Red Hat Linux


Problem is usually seen due to a lack of sufficient resources for the wasp probe.


On the UMP server 

Open the wasp.cfg 

Increase the max java memory and add at-least and additional 4 GB to existing configured memory max in the startup -> opt section.  You should also increase the init java memory to be 2GB less than the max java memory.

For example increase from 4GB to 8GB :

java_mem_max = -Xmx8192m
java_mem_init = -Xms6144m

Always make sure that there is enough free memory available on the UMP server to accommodate the memory increase for the wasp probe.

Stop the UMP robot 

Go to /tmp folder (Linux)
Issue the following command (Linux)

rm -Rf * 

Go to the C:\Windows\temp if the UMP robot login property is local system.
If the UMP robot logon property is an administrator user, then log onto the UMP robot using that user account and go to that user's %TEMP% folder.
Delete the entire liferay folder

Start robot