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CA PPM: Process runs and completes without errors but doesn't do anything


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We have a process that with a custom script that creates Financial Plans for Projects. The Process runs and completes without  error but Financial Plans are not being created. Why?


Component: ODXOG


bg-system.log shows: 

2018/07/31 12:02:58.738 | Couldn't Log in. Check the username/password. 
2018/07/31 12:02:58.902 | XOG failed. Out of0records,0failed. 

The user and password were in the gel code. The root cause of the issue was the incorrect password in the GEL code for the XOG user. 

It is a best practice to use a user specific to xogging and the password should be changed infrequently if at all. 
If you already have the password policy set to change it every x amount of days, you just need to set up a procedure that handles this so that the password gets changed in your processes too.