sonatype nexus repository running out of disk space


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CA Release Automation - Release Operations Center (Nolio) CA Release Automation - DataManagement Server (Nolio)


We need to change default location of storage for nexus, kindly help us with standard process to get it done.


CA Release Automation includes a Nexus Sonatype repository so to store artifacts that are critical to the availability and features of CA Release Automation. Examples of this are action pack files and many other jar files needed by the management server, execution server and agent machines. 

When the Sonatype Nexus repository used by the CA Release Automation server runs out of disk space it is often related to storing deployment artifacts in this repository. What is meant by deployment artifacts are the artifacts that are built via integrations (like TFS, TeamCity, etc...) and then deployed by CA Release Automation. It is not recommended to store your deployment artifacts in the Sonatype Nexus repository used by CA Release Automation - especially for environments with many new artifacts and deployments. It is recommended to store your deployment artifacts in an official supported artifact repository tool like Sonatype Nexus Professional or Artifactory. Some of those integration build tools (like TFS and TeamCity) have artifact repositories that can be used too. They might have their own recommendations on usage so it is recommended to check with them to see if there are any limitations or best practices.



CA Release Automation 5.x - 6.x


This procedure is not officially supported by CA Technologies since CA Technologies does not officially support Sonatype Nexus and has not officially tested these procedures. These options are offered as ideas of what might be possible and provide information that might be helpful in identifying a solution that works for you and is supported by Sonatype Nexus. For a supported solution please be sure to consult with Sonatype Nexus. 

As previously stated, this is not officially supported. Contact Sonatype Nexus for a supported solution. In either case, we recommend having a reliable way to restore existing setup/configuration in case there are any problems.

Informative URLs: 

One of the URLs refer to rsync as being used to do the folder/file copy. Based on the data/folders discussed in the URLs it appears there are two options: 
  1. Uninstall nexus after backing up the appropriate folders. Reinstall pointing to the new drive you want to use. Then stop services, restore the folders you backed up, and restart the service once the restore is complete. 
  2. After backing up the appropriate folders, if you login to the nexus repository (as the admin user) and navigate to repositories -> select whichever repository you want -> select the configuration tab - you will notice a field for "Override Local Storage Location". Use this field to point it to a copy of your backup.

Just to make sure you have a good/untouched backup, Don't use option #2 pointing directly to the backup folder. If you want to try pointing option #2 to an existing backup location then make sure you keep the original backup untouched, duplicate the backup again (where you want to point the override setting to) and use that in the override setting.