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Dollar Universe - Object not found error 600 when doing a Workload Forecast


Article ID: 108875


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


When performing a workload forecast, after clicking on simulate, a pop-up error message appears saying: "Object not found error: 600"


Dollar Universe version 6.x


The Statistics information data cannot be read from the u_fmhr60 data file and it needs to be reinitialized using the following steps.

1) Load the Dollar Universe environment (unienv)
2) From the bin folder, stop Dollar Universe (unistop)
3) Backup both the u_fmhr60.dta and u_fmhr60.idx files.
4) Reinitialize the Statistics Information data file (uxrazfic u_fmhr60 X)
5) Run an offline reorg (unireorg)
6) Start Dollar Universe (unistart)

Please note that you will lose the statistical information for uprocs and sessions found in Activity Logging -> Statistics. 
This information is also used by Reporter for the extractions and will also be lost.