Confirm device removal
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Confirm device removal


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How can we confirm a device has been removed from NetOps Portal?


Dx NetOps Performance Management any version


  1. Connect to mysql on NetOps Portal and run: select SourceID,ConsoleName from data_sources2; 
    • This will help show the SourceID for each datasource
  2. Run: select SourceID,ItemName,v6_ntoa(address) from dst_device where ItemName='<name of device>/G'; or select SourceID,ItemID,ItemName,v6_ntoa(address) from dst_device where itemname like '<name of device>%';
    • The above query will tell us which data sources are contributing the device to NetOps Portal.  Note the SourceID int he output
  3. Delete the device from all data sources (other than the DA) that are contributing it.  For example, Spectrum, NFA, ADA - then sync the datasources
  4. Delete the device from "Monitored Devices" in NetOps Portal (Administration > Monitored Items Management > Monitored Devices)
  5. Delete the IP from any discovery profiles so there will be no attempt to rediscover it
  6. After doing the above steps connect to mysql and run select SourceID,ItemName from dst_device where ItemName='<name of device>';  - The device should now be gone