Configuring Web Viewer 12.1 to Access Dispatch Reports
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Configuring Web Viewer 12.1 to Access Dispatch Reports


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How to configure Web Viewer 12.1 to access Dispatch reports.

NOTE: You can only access reports in Dispatch online viewing. 


Release: Web Viewer 12.1




1) Put on related maintenance for DRAS 11.7 and Dispatch. See Article Id: 9768
2) Configure DRAS for Dispatch - 
     a) Add DD statements in the DRAS startup JCL for the DISPATCH libraries 
     b) Define the Dispatch repositories in DRASCFG configuration file 

3) Web Viewer uses the information from the Dispatch Sysgen User Recipient Screen to determine what reports Web Viewer users can view. This is exactly the same information that you probably already have set up for on line viewing. 

4) To define the Dispatch repository in Web Viewer. 

     a. From the Administration tab, click the Repository sub tab. 
     b. Click Create. 
     c. Complete the following required fields: 

          - Repository name - you make that up. 
          - Select CA Dispatch as the Repository Type. 
          - DRAS discovery happens automatically, click the down arrow to see them -From the list, Select a Repository Location. 
          - From the Available Roles list, select the Roles that are to have access to this Repository and use the arrows to move  them to the Selected Roles list. 

          - Click Update in the upper right. 

Additional Information

See the Web Viewer 12.1 Manual for information about creating repository objects.

Please contact CA Support for more information about any one of these steps.