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Replacing a role with a resource multiple times increases the resource's allocation incorrectly each time the replace is done in PPM


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In CA Project & Portfolio Management (PPM) Classic UI, replacing a role with a resource multiple times (if the role still is left on the team with any allocation) increases the resource's allocation unexpectedly  each time the replace is done.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Create a resource and role in PPM both with the same availability
2. Make the Primary Role of the resource the role created in step 1
3. Add some non working day exceptions for the resource (Example, mark them off on all Wednesdays during August)
4. Create a new project in Classic UI
5. Add the role created in step 1 to the project
6. Create some varying allocation segments for the role (example below):
8/1/18 - 8/9/18 - 0% Allocation
8/10/18 - 8/19/18 - 20% Allocation
8/20/18 - 8/28/18 - 26% Allocation
8/29/18 - 8/31/18 - 60% Allocation
9/1/18 - 9/10/18 - 0% Allocation
7. Use the role replace functionality to replace the Role with the Resource created in step 1
8. Notice that the role is still on the project with a small amount of allocation for the periods the resource has marked as non working days (This is working as designed as reference in since the resource is not available during those time frames)
9. Do a role replace again and select the same resource
Expected Results: You should not be able to replace the role again with the same resource since the resource is not available to work during the remaining periods the allocation is assigned.
Actual Results: It allows you to complete the role replace multiple times for the same resource and role, and some of the resource allocation segments numbers increase (and each time you do the role replace, they continue to increase)


Component: PPMRSM


This is caused by DE43599


After review, it was determined this issue will not be fixed.  Reference Customer-Reported Defect Resolution Policy for more details on PPM Defect Resolution. Going forward in the New User Experience (UX), the ability to replace a role with a resource on the team is no longer possible.


Option 1:

Use the role replace feature in the New UX (User Experience) as that will prevent the role from being replaced with the same resource multiple times (there will still be a role remaining on the project with the allocation gaps that will need to be replaced with another resource available during those times, or manually update the resource allocations then remove the role from the project.

Option 2: 

If using CA PPM Classic UI: 
  • Replace the remainder of the allocation that the role is on the project with a different resource available during the gaps the first resource was not available
  • Manually update the resource allocations to the desired amounts, then remove the role from the project

Additional Information

For details on other Role Replace issues:
  • Reference KB000008639 - After replacing a Resource with a Role in PPM, the Role still has allocation on a project
  • Reference KB000007398 - If a team member is already on a project, a role replace will not replace assignments