CA1 - IBM - APAR OA54807
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CA1 - IBM - APAR OA54807


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Is there any specific fixes for CA1 for the Meltdown mitigation fixes from IBM - APAR OA54807? 

ACTION described on the APAR: Software must no longer reference the IHAPSA field PSASTAK. With this PTF, PSASTAK is no longer the beginning of the normal FRR stack. PSACSTK is an existing pointer to the beginning of the normal FRR stack.
Software that references PSASTAK must be converted to use PSACSTK as the pointer to the normal FRR stack.
1.Apply service as noted in the dependency hold and any related service from Independent Software Vendor products to correct references to PSASTAK.
2.Scan code for software developed by your installation for references to PSASTAK.
3.Convert references of PSASTAK to use PSACSTK as a pointer to the normal FRR stack. What you might see: Software that continue to reference PSASTAK may experience ABEND0C4 and other symptoms after this PTF is applied.).


Component: 1


CA1 has been tested with the OA54807 IBM APAR and we didn't encountered any problem at all. Nothing new required for any of the tape products.