CABI Portlet on UMP only displaying home button


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NIMSOFT PROBES DX Infrastructure Management


The CABI portlet within UMP is only displaying the home icon. When trying to click the button nothing happens. The preferences window of the portlet indicates the Dashboard Path as CABI Welcome but we are unable to change it (even with the admin account). The issue occurs when logged into the UMP nodes directly as well as when logged into a vhost. CABI is working fine and accessible if accessed directly.


Incorrect configuration for cabi path


UIM 8.51
Cabi 3.20


1. go to the cabi probe Highlight and right click> then go to 
Edit>Copy to clipboard. 

2. Paste this into notepad. 
3.find the complete path setting- it will look like this example: 


4. copy this address. 
5. Go to the wasp UMP >raw configure>Setup section. 
In the Setup section of the config, you will add the key cabi and the you will paste the address as the value. 

once you do this, wasp will restart and you should be able to access cabi via the ump.