Vtape recall issues with message SVT1I8008E
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Vtape recall issues with message SVT1I8008E


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Vtape Virtual Tape System


When recalling from vtape after the upgrade of Z/Os 1.13 to 2.2 it does not want to work.
VT1I8008E RECALL=XXXXXX unable to locate internal ASEO control block.SubAddressSpace not started


Release: ESPVTP99000-12.6-CA-Vtape-Virtual Tape System-Extended Support Basic


Verify that you have done the following required actions:
If you secure IDCAMS DCOLLECT and maintenance for IBM APAR OA46062 is applied, a facility resource name of STGADMIN.IDC.DCOLLECT.SVTDOUT will need to be defined. The SVTS and SVTSAS tasks will need to be granted READ access to the new RESOURCE.

Required PTFS to be installed in Vtape: RO54768 RO82547 RO88726

Here there is an ATL problem which no longer knows several physical tapes. This explains the messages SVTS returns and not only Vtape is impacted here.
Please note that the issue/problem can be resolved after the SMS routines are reactivated to the Z/OS 2.2 version from 1.13.