How to disable the Sysload Agents HTTP interface
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How to disable the Sysload Agents HTTP interface


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How to disable the Agent Collector HTTP interface?

For security reasons, Sysload administrators may want to block the access to the Collector from a browser.


Release: 5.x and 6.x
Component: Sysload Agents 


By default, in old Sysload agents (version <5.80c)  the http interface is enabled by default. 


Starting on version 5.80c and superior ( ask Support if kits are needed) it's possible to block the HTTP access of the Sysload Agent collector by adding the following parameter in the agent's Collector configuration file:


Once the parameter has been added, please restart the agent's Collector, from now on, the HTTP interface will no longer be enabled.

See the details of the different Agents configuration that needs to be set and the new default setting:

Component Version Filename Section Parameter Value Default value
Agent Unix (Collector) 5.80c+ (build 139.13+) sldrmd-init General DisableHttpRequest 1 1
Agent Windows (Collector) 5.80c+ (build 121.13+) sldrmd.ini General DisableHttpRequest 1 1
Agents (Sua based like Logmonitor VMWare, Powervm..) 5.80+ <agentname>.ini or <agentname>-init  General DisableHttpRequest 1 0