DE Housekeeping jobs
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DE Housekeeping jobs


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DSERIES- SERVER CA Workload Automation DE CA Workload Automation DE - Scheduler (dSeries)


The Workload Automation DE should have daily housekeeping jobs for optimal performance.  A HOUSEKEEPING application is included in the Desktop Client.  It is highly recommended to implement this application in to your workload and schedule it daily.


Release: 12.x
Component: ESP DSRIES Workload Automation DE


The following commands are recommend to be executed routinely to keep the DE database in healthy state.

  • TRACELOG CLEANUP using cleanup script or command in <de_install_dir>/bin


Here are some examples of how to set up the jobs.

For MOVEHISTORYDATA, setup job using the default AGENT.  Move historical data that is older than one month to archive tables (H_ tables).


The DELETESTATUSMESSAGES is an important command that clears the status message tables.  These tables can grow very fast in a busy environment.

The 'Arguments to pass' field has DE hostname, with port it is using, user and password of admin and the command with threshold.

The example shows threshold as seven (7) days using a JavaScript (see below).  This will delete messages older than seven days

JavaScript example

//Configure how many days older status messages to delete
var no_of_days = 7
var old_date = new Date();
old_date.setDate(old_date.getDate() - no_of_days); = (old_date.getYear()+1900)+'-'+eval(old_date.getMonth() + 1)+'-' +old_date.getDate()+' '+old_date.getHours()+':'+old_date.getMinutes()+':'+old_date.getSeconds();


Also, set up the PURGECOMPLETEDJOBS as part of your housekeeping.  It allows you to keep your real-time tables compact and fast.

Additional Information

It is very important to clear out the tracelogs or move them to some other location.  The tracelogs can fill up the filesystem that can result in shutdown of the server.  You can get more information on setting up routine clean up on tracelogs here.