How to use the nas scheduler to suppress alerts from maintenance_mode
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How to use the nas scheduler to suppress alerts from maintenance_mode


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


There are times when a robot needs to be put into maintenance.  This document shows how to create a schedule to keep maintenance_mode alerts from occurring during the maintenance period.


Component: UIMNAS


You can perform the following, which will suppress the alerts on a set schedule: 

Profile Checklist
1.  Create a profile in the Auto-Operator -> Profiles section of nas. 

2.  Keep the Action type = close
3.  Add the hostname of the robot or device to the Hostname field 

4.  Optional:  Add a probe name to the NMS Probe Name
4.  Leave this AO Profile deactivated (unchecked)

5.  Add the name to the Message string, such as *Maint001*.  The ** must be included for the scheduler to find the profile.

Add the message string in filter in case you want to match specific message otherwise keep blank

6.  Press OK to give a Name to the Profile with the same name given above without the **.  In this example the name will be Maint001.


7.  Click Apply on the nas GUI to save the changes for the next step.

Scheduler Checklist
1.  Navigate to the Auto-Operator -> Scheduler section of nas.
2.  Create a new Schedule by right clicking in the white space and select New to create the schedule.

3.  In the Mode section, select once of the following from the dropdown:

a)  “By Time” will allow a one time occurrence

b)  “By Recurring Event” will allow for a recurring schedule

**Note:  If selecting the Mode “By Recurring Event” add the requirements into the Range and Pattern sections for the server's maintenance window.  This will trigger the profile to activate on the set schedule.

4.  In the upper right corner of the GUI is the Operation dropdown.  Select “Activate Profile” for the scheduler to automatically activate the profile when the event is triggered.
5.  At the bottom section of the GUI "Operation: Activate/Deactivate Profile", click on the "Auto-Operator Profiles" tab.  If you have already created the Profiles from the “Profile Checklist” - all of these Profiles will be automatically populated in this list.
6.  Select the Profile you created above and move to the "Selected" section.

7.  Leave this Schedule Activated. It will then activate the Profile when the scheduled time occurs.  In this scenario, it will activate the profile on the 5th day of every month for 5 hours and 30 minutes starting at 8:45 pm with no end date.

8.  Click OK and give the Scheduler a name.  Click Apply on the nas GUI to save the changes.  Now the scheduler is ready to run.

9.  The profile will show as below when the Scheduler activates it.