No favorites showing up for Basic User
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No favorites showing up for Basic User


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When I change to a basic user role and go to the reports tab I do not see any of the subscriptions that I created. When I am in the system admin role, I see all the the subscriptions I created for everyone.


When you are in the system admin role, you will see all the the subscriptions you created for everyone, this is the way the product works.


Release: OUTWBV01300-12.1-Output Management-Web Viewer for AIX


Here is one example of how to do this.  It is not the only way, but this way does work:

  1. When logged in as a System Admin go to Advanced Search Tab and choose repository (if there is more than 1 Repository) 
  2. Search to find the report you want
  3. In the Report List, click on the drop down list next to that report
  4. Select Add favorite and fill in the name and anything else in the box and click create 
  5. Go to Subscriptions tab and select create 
  6. Check the favorite you just made (or a number of favorites) 
  7. Fill in the name, description, and click on create in the upper right 
  8. Go to administration->role and select your basic user role and click on the subscriptions tab 
  9. Look in the available subscriptions box and select the subscription you just created and move it to the right and click update. 
  10. Now - change into the basic user role (configuration->after login) and look in the reports tab and there are the subscriptions.