Warnings during the SSO Siebel Agent installation - II (00894784)
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Warnings during the SSO Siebel Agent installation - II (00894784)


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I have installed the Agent for Siebel on the Web Agent machine,
and I don't find the ca-siebel-config.exe, and as such, I cannot
configure the Web Agent to protect Siebel application.

So for the installation of CA SSO Agent for Siebel on the WebServer 
with the WebAgent, shouldn't we need to perform the steps "Run the 
configuration Wizard"? 


Release: MSPPSF99000-12.51-Single Sign-On-Agent for Oracle PeopleSoft-MSP


No, you don't have to perform the steps "Run the configuration
Wizard" when installing on the Web Agent.

For the Web Agent, there's no specific configuration to bring.

In the installation folder of the Agent for Siebel there are files to 
put in place on your Web Server, depending how you have configured the 
Web Server. These files are here : 

C:\Program Files (x86)\CA\siebel\Config\WWW 

These files should be used to configure the Web Server according to 
the documentation : 

Post-Installation Configuration for Web Server 

Note that the Web Agent shouldn't be installed on the Siebel Server, 
but on a separate machine. 

You'll find the ca-siebel-config.exe when you will install the Agent 
for Siebel on the Siebel Server, selecting the "Siebel application 
server" when running the installer. 

More, the Agent for Siebel Support Matrix is valid for the 
installation of the Agent for Siebel on the Siebel Server : 

CA Single Sign-On Agent R12.51 for ERP Systems (Oracle PeopleSoft, Siebel, SAP) 

For the Web Agent, please refer to the Web Agent support matrix : 

CA SiteMinder® 12.52 & 12.52 SP01