How to move a Dollar Universe node to another server?


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


Sometimes a server needs to be recreated on a higher version keeping the same hostname.
As a result, applications needs to be moved/ reinstalled as well so we are going to explain how to do so for a Dollar Universe node.


Dollar Universe installed in a Unix / Linux server.


Here is a brief description of the actions to move a node from server A to server B.

Action on old server A  
- Stop all queues on node and wait until jobs Complete or cancel those Running. 
- Stop Dollar Universe 
- Unregister the node (unims -unregister -login XXX -pwd XXX) 
- Backup Dollar Universe folders containing data and log:
For example: /dollar_universe_path/data (data folder) and /dollar_universe_path/log (log folder) by tar command 
- Copy the tar files to the server B or to a shared folder.
- Stop Server or remove it from the network so that the hostname is resolved with server B.

Action on new server B : 
- Install from scratch the node with same company name / node name / ports and folders without registering it to the UVMS.
- Restore the previously backuped tar files containing the data and log folders.
- Register node (unims -register -mshost xxx -msport xxx -login admin -pwd xxx) 
- Start the node

Additional Information

1. On windows system the same steps can be followed, however consider the following changes and additional comments:

-- Compressed and archived files are lo longer in tar-format but in zip-format.

-- Submission account must be created manually on the target host as described in the documentation:

2. As it is a tricky procedure, we advise to ask Professional Services for consulting on this operation.