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How To Clear Clarity Locks Without Database Access?


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There is a need to clear locks so that projects can be edited.

Are there specific rights required to view the hidden page for clearing locks without contacting the DBA team?




There is a hidden page to clear locks can be accessed by the following steps:

1. Provide user the global right(Administration - Studio)
2. Have the user access the page via URL: http://<hostname>
3. Review the lock types and remove the locks as needed.

Additional Information

The PRLOCK table is used to prevent concurrent editing.

The most frequent lock types are as follows:

a. Import Export Lock

Created when a project is opened with a scheduler (OWB or MSP). It should be cleared when the project is saved and closed.

b. Job Scheduler Lock

Created when a job is scheduled, to prevent concurrent job runs and race conditions, among other possible problematic situations.

c. Process Engine:

Created when there is  a process instance attached to an object

d. Project Insert Lock

Created when there is a project creation or or convert an idea to project.