UMP portal error in brower This page cant be displayed
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UMP portal error in brower This page cant be displayed


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Getting error when trying to access the UMP portal URL from a web browser:

This page can't be displayed

What is causing the error "This page can't be displayed" when access the UMP portal from a web browser?


UIM/UMP 8.51


Typically this error is occurring because there is an issue with the UMP wasp probe.  Either the probe is not running correctly and/or there is a port conflict.

Deactivate the wasp probe on the UMP robot, delete the <installPath>\Nimsoftprobes\service\wasp\work and C:\Windows\temp\liferay directories and their contents from the UMP robot.  Both of these are temporary directories that may have cached data that is no longer valid.  Both directories will be recreated when the wasp probe is activated again.

Activate the wasp probe on the UMP robot and clear the browser cache from the beginning of time before accessing the UMP portal URL again.

If the problem continues, open the Raw Configure GUI for the wasp probe on the UMP robot and check to see which port is configured to use for the UMP portal. This would be the value configured for the http_port key in the setup section (or https_port for secure connection). Out of the box, this is configured to be port 80 (or 443 for a secure connection).

Once the port is determined, make sure the UMP portal is being accessed from the web browser using that port number (if it is any value other than 80/443). For example, if the http_port is configured to be 8080, then the UMP portal URL would be:  http://<UMP robot hostname>:8080

If the error "page cannot be found" continues to appear, then deactivate the wasp probe on the UMP robot again.

Log onto the UMP robot and execute a netstat command similar to the following to make sure that the port is not is use:

netstat -ano | find ":<http_port value>"

Make sure no other process is using this port. If there is another process using that port then either configure the UMP wasp to use a different, unused port, or configure the conflicting application to use a different port (or remove the conflicting application from the UMP robot).

Also make sure that the wasp java.exe process is not running.  The command line arguments for the wasp java.exe would be something similar to the following:

-server -cp "lib/*;i18n" -Djava.util.logging.config.file=conf/ -Djava.library.path=../../../lib

If the wasp java.exe is still running then the rogue process is connected to the configured port and it has to be terminated through the Windows Task Manager.  If the process cannot be terminated or if this does not resolve the issue, activate the wasp probe again and reboot the UMP robot system to force the termination of the rogue wasp java.exe process.

If the problem continues, change the wasp probe loglevel to 5 and logsize to 5000.  Cold start (deactivate, then activate) the UMP wasp probe, duplicate the error then collect the following and post them to a support case opened to pursue this further:

- wasp.cfg
- wasp.log
- _wasp.log (if the file exists)
- portal.log
- portal.log.1 (if the file exists)
- screenshot of the error in the web browser showing the URL used to access the UMP portal as well as the error message