Import connector takes a long time
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Import connector takes a long time


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When running an import connector, the import takes very long hours and takes a long time to finish.



Identity Governance 12.6.x

Identity Governance 14.x


Lets start by explaining how the import process works:

- First Identity Governance retrieves the data from the endpoint and stores it in a temporary configuration in the database. 

- It then checks to see if there are Master and Model configurations. 

- If they do exist the import process compares them to the temporary configuration created in previous step. 

- The differences are stored in a configuration we call Audit Card. 

- The Audit Card is then merged with the Master, Model, Accounts and Detailed configurations. 

- If the Master and Model configurations do not exist, the temporary configuration replaces them as well as the Accounts and Detailed configurations. 


There are two ways to speed up this process:

a) Run the first import and let it run as much as it needs to. This is more like an initial bulk load. It will take some time to finish, but if you run any subsequent imports fairly close in time, the amount of changes will be low. Make the comparison phase, which is the most time consuming, take less time, making the import process run faster.

b) In the Universe general tab, change the name of the Master and Model configuration to a non existing one, meaning master and model that do not exist. After the import temporary configuration is created, it will have nothing to compare to and simply copy it as the Master and Model configurations bypassing the comparison phase altogether.

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