SOAP Calls errors in Policy Xpress
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SOAP Calls errors in Policy Xpress


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When we execute our PX Policy which utilizes SOAP calls to our endpoint we are getting an error message about our WSDL. 

Caused by: com.netegrity.ims.exception.IMSException:
The WSDL URL has to end with '?WSDL' or '?wsdl'

What can we do to resolve this?


Identity Manager 14.1


To resolve this you need to validate that the WSDL URL inside the PX Policy is still valid. The logs should specify the exact PX Policy that it's utilizing (Or even in the View Submitted tasks)

In the logs it will look like this.
EventExecuteStateException: Failed to execute IMTaskEvent.
PxStopEventException:A failure occurred evaluating a policy called "Sample Policy". Stopping the event

You would then modify the PX Policy "Sample Policy" - Find the SOAP request (most likely under the data tab) and Verify the WSDL URL. Please ensure it is the standard WSDL URL.