How to Install IM - Infrastructure Manager - DX UIM
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How to Install IM - Infrastructure Manager - DX UIM


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


How to download and install the Infrastructure Manager


Any UIM Version


How install the Infrastructure Manager`

1. Access your Primary Server IP/hostname via Browser with: http://<Primary_Hub>/uimhome/installers.jsp


2 - Select Infrastructure Manager

Execute the installer   Run as Administrator

3. Click Yes to accept License Agreement

4. Select the destination Folder default and click Next
Note: The default folder is C:\Porgram Files (x86)\Nimsoft 

5. Select the component you want to install, clear the components you do not want to install
-Infrastructure Manager
-Alarm SubConsole
Click Next

6. Click Next to Start Copying Files

7. Click Finish when the INstallSheild Wizard Completes

To access the Infrastructure Manager on Windows
Click Start - Infrastructure Manager - Select
Enter IP address of HUB, user administrator and password and select domain to login
The Infrastructure manager will then open