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CABI Dashboards will not Show in UMP


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


CABI Dashboards will not Show in UMP, it just show a spinning circle.

In the cabi logs the following is recorded:

Jul 28 10:53:50:822 [UserSynchronizationThread, cabi] (6) permission denied, Received status (6) on response (for sendRcv) for cmd = 'hubsec_list'

Jul 30 11:48:51:671 [attach_socket, cabi] ensure_js_user_exists callback failed: Error creating UimToJasperUserSync

The CABI robot wasp and cabi probes were both restarted, still not working.
It is possible to login to CABI with SuperUser and run reports just fine.


UIM/UMP:  8.51 SP1
cabi: 3.20 (bundled)
wasp: 8.51



Missing probe administration information for the cabi probe in the security.cfg file:

Probe: cabi
Access: admin
IP mask: *


Add the required cabi probe security administration information:

From Infrastructure Manager:

1.  Select Security->Probe Administration:

IM Security->Probe Administration....

2.  On the Probe Administration pop-up dialogue, select the New Probe... option:

IM Probe Administration New Probe option

3.  On the New Probe pop-up dialogue enter the cabi probe administration values:

IM New Probe dialogue

4.  Select OK to save the change.  The cabi probe should now appear in the list of probes with the expected security administration access permissions:

IM cabi probe administration access additions added

5.  Select OK to save the change.

From Admin Console:

1.  From the Show menu option in the upper left-hand corner of the Admin Console page, select the Probe Security option:

AC Probe Security Menu option

2.  From the Actions drop down list in the upper right-hand corner of the Probe Security page select Add

AC Add option from the Actions drop down menu on the Probe Security page

3.  On the Add Probe Security Access Level pop-up Window add the cabi probe security access information:

AC-Add cabi probe security access level information

3.  Select ADD and the cabi probe security access permissions are added to the Probe Security page:

AC - cabi probe security added

Once the cabi probe security access has been added back, it may be necessary to restart the cabi robot.