ASM Full page monitor is not loading Jss files
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ASM Full page monitor is not loading Jss files


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CA App Synthetic Monitor


We have created a full page monitor.  In the browser it is showing 24 requests got processed and from ASM it is showing as only 19 requests got processed.

In production, the browser is showing 70 requests and ASM is showing only 19 requests.

Why is this happening?


Component: WMAPP


In this situation, in the Monitor settings, under Advanced Settings, the value of "The site domain only" for the field "Allow browser to make requests to" was set.

This will cut down on the number of requests that the site would make if you opened it in a browser.  Thus items like Google Analytics (and other requests) will not have any requests made to it via Chrome from ASM itself. The site will display the same way in ASM and the browser and does not affect any appearance. It is all backend monitoring via Chrome.