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Click on a link in a Portlet Page and it opens into a new tab instead of a popup screen


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Clarity PPM SaaS Clarity PPM On Premise


Portlet page Link is not being opened as pop up in Object based grid portlet 


1. Go to 'Administration' -> 'Portlet Pages' -> click on 'New' 

2. Fill in these fields in 'Properties' tab: 
a. Page Name: 'Workflow Log' 
b. Page ID: 'novdemandlog'
c. Content Source: 'Customer' 
d. Linkable: ticked 

3. In 'Link Parameters' tab click on 'New' and fill in these fields: 
a. Parameter Name: Instance DB ID 
b. Parameter ID: ld 

4. In 'Content' tab click on 'Add' button and add in anything, in this example I added 'Action Items' 

5. Go to 'Administration' -> 'Objects' -> click on 'New'-> fill in these fields: 
a. Object Name: sub 
b. Object ID: s 
c. Content Source: 'Customer' 
d. Click 'Subobject' 
e. Master Object: 'Idea' 

6. Go to 'Linking' tab and click on 'New' and fill in these fields: 
a. Link Name: 'link' 
b. Link ID: 'l' 
c. Action: 'Workflow Log' 
d. Instance DB ID: 'Object Internal ID' 
e. Click 'Save and Return' 

7. Go to 'Home' -> 'Ideas' -> select an idea from the list, in these example I selected 'Test' -> go to Properties -> 'sub_list' and click on 'New' and create a couple of ideas. 

8. Go to 'Administration' -> 'Portlets' -> create a grid portlet and fill in these fields: 
a. Portlet Name: 'webex' 
b. Portlet ID: '1' 
c. Content Source: 'Customer' 
d. Category: 'Business Intelligence' 
e. Instance Type: 'General' 
f. Data Provider: 'sub' 
g. Click 'Next' - 'Finish And Open' 

9. Go to 'List Column Section' -> 'layout' -> move over all the fields to 'Selected Columns 

10. Go to 'Layout' -> click on 'New' and fill in these fields: 
a. Display Type: 'Image' 
b. Column Label: popup 
c. Show Column Label: ticked 
d. Image: 'Assign Resource' 
e. Link: 'link' 
f. Open as a Pop-up: ticked 
g. Click 'Save And Return' 

11. Go to 'Home' screen 

12. Click on 'Personalize' icon on right-hand side 

13. Click on 'Add' and select 'webex' 

14. Go to 'webex' -> click on the icon for 'popup' 

Expected Result: for this to open up as a pop-up 

Actual Results: this open into a new tab 

Workaround: there is no workaround available


This is caused by DE42305


Clarity PPM 15.4 and below


This is fixed within Clarity PPM 15.5