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Azure Probe PPM-023 error after configuing the probe to collect metrics


Article ID: 108542


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Configuration on the Azure side was completed as well as configuration on the UIM side. A template was created/activated but no data showing in Unified Dashboards. Also, when trying to configure in Admin Console, an "Unable to read configuration error" appears:

Configuration was unable to be retrieved.
Message: Probe is still initializing.

Resolution: Please retry your call
Error Code: PPM-023

Click Retry to attempt to save your configuration again.
Click Close to close this Window.


UIM 8.51
azure: 3.11HF3
Windows 10


Probe installed on an unsupported Operating system (Windows 10) and potential issue with versions of the ppm, baseline_engine, and prediction_engine probes.


Removed the probe from the unsupported operating system and installed it on a supported operating system.

Confirmed the following probes/versions installed on the hub managing the robot where the azure 3.11HF3 is deployed:

ppm:  3.47
baseline_engine:  2.76
prediction_engine:  1.34

For Time Over Threshold alarms, also need the following minimum version of nas installed on the managing hub:

nas:  8.42