UIM alarms are not being asserted on Spectrum devices after they are taken out of maintenance mode.


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CA Spectrum


Alarms from Unified Infrastructure Manager are not asserted on devices in Spectrum that are in maintenance mode. If the UIM alarm still exists when the Spectrum device is taken out of maintenance mode the UIM alarm is never asserted on the device.


When the alarm in Unified Infrastructure Manager is initially created in UIM it's sent over to Spectrum as an event and the UIM Alarm cache is updated to show that it has already been sent to Spectrum. When the device comes out of maintenance mode the alarm is never resent as the UIM alarm cache shows it's already been sent to Spectrum. 


10.2..2 Spectrum
8.5.1 Unified Infrastructure Manager
8.6.1 spectrumgtw probe


This issue is resolved with Spectrumgtw probe 8.6.1 HF 7. The probe will now keep sending the event until the alarm cache in spectrum and UIM alarm cache show the same alarm.