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SOA upgrade


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CA Single Sign On Secure Proxy Server (SiteMinder) CA Single Sign On SOA Security Manager (SiteMinder) CA Single Sign-On


We're planning to upgrade our SOA environment 12.1SP2 to 12.8 and we'd
like to know if the SOA Agent 12.1SP2 will work with the Policy Server
12.8 ?


Release: SOASA199000-12.1-SOA Security Manager-w/ SOA Agent Addl CPUs


At first glance, this SOA Agent 12.1SP2 will be still supported with
your Policy Server 12.8, but we strongly recommend you to upgrade the
SOA Agents to the lastest version 12.52SP1CR09, referencing the EOS
document :

  CA SOA Security Manager r12.1 (includes all Service Packs and
  Cumulative Releases) End of Service Announcement

  "While this particular End of Service does not cover these
   components, no new certifications for r12.1 (including all Service
   Packs and Cumulative Releases) for these components will be executed
   after December 31, 2016.

   CA SOA Security Manager Agent for Web Servers CA SOA Security Manager
   Agent for Application Servers Upgrade Paths At this time we encourage
   you to plan for your migration. The recommended no-charge software
   upgrade option for customers running CA SOA Security Manager 12.1
   should upgrade to either CA Web Services Security Manager 12.51 or the
   more recent 12.52 release."

Here's the link of the latest WSS Agent (former SOA Agent) :

  Solution Document: SS04282

Its Support Matrix

  CA SiteMinder Family of Products Informational Documentation Index

    CA SiteMinder Web Services Security 12.52

Its documentation :

  Install Agents

    Web Services Security Agent for Apache-based Servers
    Web Services Security Agent for IIS Servers
    Web Services Security Agent for Oracle iPlanet Servers
    Web Services Security Agent for Oracle WebLogic
    Web Services Security Agent for IBM WebSphere

Note that you'll need to upgrade the SOA Policy Server 12.0SP2 to 12.8
in 2 phases :

  1. Upgrade from 12.0SP2 to 12.52SP1;
  2. Upgrate from 12.52SP1 to 12.8;


  Parallel Upgrade

  You can complete a parallel upgrade from Release 12.5x or later to
  Release 12.8. For information about the components that are available
  for upgrade, see Complete the Upgrade Prerequisites.