Unable to obtain new product versions through Chorus


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CA Mainframe Software Manager (Chorus Software Manager)


CA Chorus™ Software Manager (CA CSM) is an application that simplifies and unifies the management of your CA Technologies mainframe products on z/OS systems. As products adopt the CA CSM services, you can acquire, install, maintain, deploy, and configure your products in a common way according to industry best practices
The CA CSM services simplify acquiring, installing, deploying, and configuring products. These services also make obtaining and applying corrective and recommended maintenance easier. A web-based interface enables you to install and maintain your products faster and with less chance of error.

It can happen that, trying to download and install a new version of a product , for example CA OPSMVS 13.5, the list shows nothing to download.
So, the old versions of CA OPSMVS such as V12.3 or V13.0 show as products which can be downloaded but not the latest version.

How to refresh Chorus to enable the download of new versions?




Here the steps that generally helps in this situation, using CA OPSMVS 13.5 as an example: 

1. From the Products Tab, find OPS/MVS and right click on the release 13.5 
2. Select 'Clean up and Hide' and click YES to confirm. (Don't worry about the seemingly alarming message, we are going to put everything right back) 
3. Click REFRESH on the page and you will no longer see release 13.5 in your available products list. 
4. From the Products Tab, under ACTIONs click 'Show Hidden Products' 
5. Select OPS/MVS 13.5 and click UNHIDE 
6. Click REFRESH on the page and you will once again see release 13.5 in your available products list. 
7. Right click on the release 13.5 and run UPDATE PRODUCT RELEASE 
8. Upon completion of the Task, click REFRESH on the PAGE 
9. Find OPS/MVS and under the release 13.5 select the genlevel INC00 and the packages will display in the middle of your screen. 

if, even after the above steps, the problem still occurs, Please open a Case to CA Support.