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A project created from converting Ideas always has Financial Status of On Hold


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In Clarity PPM, the default status of an idea is "On Hold". When a project is created by converting this Idea and the 
"Copy Financial Properties and Financial Plans" checkbox is ticked/checked, it results in a Project with Financial Status "On Hold".
This also happens if the default value of the  "Financial Status" attribute on the Project Object is set to "open" and the Template used has a Financial Status of Open.

Steps to Replicate: 

1. Set the default value of the Financial Status attribute on the Project object to be "Open".
2. Create a new Project template with Financial Status set to "Open"
3. Create an Idea and approve it. 
4. Convert the Idea to Project using the Template created in step 2 and make sure the "Copy Financial Properties and Financial Plans" box is ticked. 

The resulting Project has a Financial Status of "On Hold"

This can cause the following issue: When hours are brought over from an outside tool, the hours do not post to the project because the project settings are automatically defaulting to having financial status on hold.


Component: PPRPRM


As as a part of a defect that was fixed in previous versions, the default status of an Idea is always "On Hold" (and this value is uneditable), so when the project is converted from an Idea, the project takes the value from the idea. Refer to the following knowledge document for more details on the idea financial status behavior:

The above behaviour of the idea conversion process is the designed behavior of the product. 
The "Copy Financial Properties and Financial Plans" checkbox copies all financial properties including Financial status and it overrides the defaults on the attribute or the template.


The Financial Status would need to be manually updated in the project created to 'Open'.
Alternatively, a custom process could be created that automatically changes the Financial Status of the project from "On Hold" to Open once it's created.