How to not display the TCP/IP connection dialog


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CA Plex


Please tell me how to not display the TCP/IP connection dialog when the application is connected for the first time.


Component: CPLEX


It can login with the parameter value without displaying the runtime dialog box related to TCP/IP connection in the following way. 

1. Create a user source and call the following Plex API. 

ObConversationAPI::SetAS400Password(strPassword, strINISection, strUserProfile); 

* This API obfuscates the passed password and sets it in the INI file. 
* For each argument, you can set a character string or character type parameter. 

e.g.: ("MYPASS 1", "Remote", "MYUSR 1") 

2. Call this API at any point before calling IBM i's program in the WinC program for the first time (before connecting). 

3. Setting of the INI file 
Please confirm that the following section key is specified as follows. 
If it does not exist, add it. 


TCPIP Dialog=1 

* In order not to display the TCPIP dialog, set an appropriate value in Remote section keys (System etc) other than UserId and Password in advance.