Removing the Bulk Upload icon in Identity Portal
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Removing the Bulk Upload icon in Identity Portal


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The procedure to apply custom branding in order to remove the Bulk Upload (or any other) icon from the Access Module in CA Identity Portal (IP) 14.1 and above is detailed in this document.


Identity Portal (Symantec IGA) 14.x


Virtual Appliance (vApp) Identity Suite

CA Identity Portal

Symantec IGA Identity Portal


The following steps apply to either in a Virtual Appliance or non-Virtual Appliance installation.


1. In the CA Identity Portal Management Console, navigate to the Admin UI.

2. Click Branding and select the Access Module.

3. At the top of the screen, switch to "Select element".

4. On the left-hand pane scroll down to Custom, click the + sign to add a new CSS Selector Name of [ng-click="bulkUpload()"] and click Apply.


5. Then click "Add attribute" in the middle pane, scroll to the bottom of the list and click "other".  Add a CSS Attribute Name of "display" and click Apply.

6. In the middle pane, add the value "none !important" for the "display" attribute (enter this on the line below the attribute name) and click Save.  The Bulk Upload icon should then be removed.